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FINALLY! A Step-by-Step proven process to boost your confidence and unlock your ability to claim your space an industry leader.
FINALLY! A Step-by-Step proven formula to boost your confidence and unlock your ability to claim your space as an industry leader.
Unlock your profitable personal brand and image to get to the next level in your business and life! 
Before I tell you all about this life-changing program,

 Let’s talk about who this is really for:

The Personal Brand Accelerator Course is for female leaders and dreamers like you.  You are focused, energetic, and curious, with no shortage of ambition - BUT you are tired of being undervalued or overlooked and ready to build a personal brand and image that allows you to impact more lives, generate more income and will help you Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Noticed as an industry leader!

This is for you if you're...

A professional woman or corporate employee (with the heart of an entrepreneur) who is fully aware you’re capable so much more and deserves a seat at the table!

A female entrepreneur who wants to build a powerful and profitable brand and business so they can share their message and impact more lives.

An expert who is ready to become a sought after female voice, authority and thought leader in your niche market or industry so you can help more people, create the 'extra' freedom your looking for and diversifying your income streams.

A small business owner ready to scale and build your business the smart way with a personal brand and image that helps you stand out from your competitors uniquely and powerfully so you can charge a premium for your products or services.

The Personal Brand 
Accelerator Course ® 

will give you:


That will help you build a profitable personal brand and image to cut through the noise and stand out to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Noticed® in both life and business.   You will make your mark, grow your impact and income.


That will see you craft a unique and influential leadership style. You will shape your signature visual brand, image and digital footprint so you will own any room...
(both virtually and in real life).  


That complements and supports your current career or business, so you can better leverage from your experience and expertise, maximise your personal brand value, increase your revenue streams and distribution channels.


That positions you as an industry expert or thought leader in your field or niche and a spokesperson for your industry, helping you generate a continuous stream of PR media opportunities and speaking gigs.


That ensures you can maintain and sustain the growth and consistency of your brand to increase your public visibility and strengthen your credibility. Create a brand plan for your future career and leadership goals and continue to raise your leadership level, build your networks, amplify your influence and elevate your reputation and presence.  

Personal Brand Accelerator Online Course

For Women Leaders

The Personal Brand Accelerator Course is the only online course specifically designed for female leaders to show you step-by-step how to develop a powerful personal brand, image and online presence that will empower you and enable you to reach the top of your game! Your personal brand is the most powerful tool you can have in your leadership arsenal.

Follow my proven Brand Success Formula to Fast Track Your Career and Business
Success With a Brand You Can Profit From.





Online Personal Branding Lessons From A World-Class
Instructor and Personal Branding Expert 
– Suzie Lightfoot!

I’ve enjoyed success as a model, media personality, brand ambassador, and businesswoman, and for the past 35 years, I’ve worked with industry leaders in media, public relations, digital marketing, and brand leadership.  

I’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, learning first-hand how building your image and presence can empower a person and alter people’s perceptions.

As a female business coach and personal branding consultant, I have developed a unique process and coaching skills for building a personal brand that helps you ‘reinvent’ yourself from the inside out.

I call it my Personal Brand Success Formula. It is a step-by-step process and unique coaching approach designed to help you be a more empowered, high-performance leader and thought leader in your field.

My Brand Success Formula provides you with world-class personal brand strategies and leadership coaching that helps you turn your life experiences into a powerful personal brand and image.  So you have more choices, attract more opportunities, and can be more financially secure.

Having helped thousands of professional women and female leaders to build their own thriving personal brands, I know and understand how to master creating a brand and image that increases your brand value and worth to position you as an in-demand industry leader. 

The process is powerful. When you master it, you will take your career or business to the next level.

I will show you how to effectively build your brand value and communicate it in a way that builds your authority, influence, and impact in the world …and in a way that feels good!

A way that feels authentic, and real.
A way that feels exciting, congruent and feels like YOU!

This brand and leadership course is designed by a woman in leadership for other female leaders who want to turn their brands into unstoppable energy that fuels higher profits and a higher purpose.

Together we can do it!
To your success,

Join Hundreds of Professional Women, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Have Taken Part in our Online Personal Branding Programs.

Hear how my students have applied it to their one lives and careers.

As a female leader, Danielle realised she was being underpaid and undervalued in her industry and needed to take control of her brand and career quickly!
“After completing Suzie’s online personal brand and leadership program, I was headhunted for a new leadership role with a $100,000 pay rise! I now have the confidence and strategies I need to continue to raise the roof on my career.”
Bernadette McBarron
As a professional woman in her 50’s, people told Bernadette that it was too late for her, and I would never get another leadership role! After completing the program she has proven them wrong!
“ Within 6-months of working through Suzie’s personal branding program, I won a lucrative new leadership role (during COVID!), and now I’m writing a book about my journey and experience! At a time when I was at an all time low, Suzie’s online Personal Branding Program challenged me to think differently, unlock my full worth, see greater opportunities ahead, and not settle at any age!”
"As an international speaker, coach and mentor, Annette had spent thousands of dollars with Marketing Agencies to build her personal brand and image. But she felt totally disconnected from her brand."
"I felt like they were trying to make me into something I wasn't. Suzie changed all that! Her process is incredibly powerful and unique. I was able to dig deeper into who I am and what I stand to reinvent my brand and image in a much more real, honest, authentic and meaningful way. Now I attract more business and charge a premium for my services"
"I'm pumped! Suzie's process feels next level. I've done courses and masterminds before, but I could feel growth and personal transformation happening as I moved through the course and Suzie's unique process."
"As I began to know exactly what I offer I , and learned to hone my message, I started to attract clients and convert them effortlessly."
"Suzie is masterful, thought-provoking, and dedicated. Through Suzie's branding program, I was able to explored my passion, develop my brand purpose and realise my full value as an experienced senior leader. 
"That's when I dared to quit my corporate role to step into my confidence and calling to start my own successful coaching business."
The Personal Brand Accelerator Course is Open Now!

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You know that building a personal brand is a powerful tool to attract new clients, increase your influence and grow your business. But without knowing how to maximize your personal brand value can leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. 

That's where we come in!

What’s Inside
The Personal Brand
Accelerator Course

The Personal Brand Accelerator Course isn’t a passive program.   
It’s an online course and *Live* Coaching Experience that will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating and launching a powerful, purposeful and profitable personal brand.
The Personal Brand Success Formula Journey
I have broken the Personal Brand Accelerator Course® into easy-to-follow, short videos that cover 4 crucial phases. Each phase is designed to help you master a different element of building a powerful personal brand - from setting your business and career goals to seamlessly launching your personal brand and image to the world.

So there are 4-core phases: 

  • Discover the exact same beliefs that market leaders already possess so you too can command attention, recognition and authority.
  • Get clear on your Brand Vision and Leadership Goals, and map it out!
Get crystal clear on your goals and vision for success. Master your mindset and get proven confidence-building strategies so you can show up feeling in alignment and in control. 
Getting targeted and specific about your brand and business plan early in this personal brand leadership online program is critical for successful outcomes.  
Getting targeted and specific about your brand and business plan early in this personal brand leadership online program is critical for successful outcomes.  
  • Define your authentic personal brand and leadership positioning.
  • Hone your target market to tap into the heart and soul of your niche market.
  • Learn my techniques for powerful communication, building strength from vulnerability, and connecting in a more meaningful and powerful way. 
  • ​Unlock the power of your brand story to strengthen your brand value and build your thought leadership so you are truly heard!
By the time you finish this module, you’ll own your voice as a female leader and command any room! (virtual or in real life).
You’ll finally know how to share your story and compellingly articulate your worth so that it resonates and connects with your audience and authentically expresses who you are as an industry leader.

The goal of this module is to infuse your passion, power, and purpose into your brand, so it is undeniably you! No apologies and no holding back!
  • Unlock your voice as a female leader with an unforgettable message you can confidently share anywhere, anytime!
  • Unleash your personal brand superpowers to stand out from your competitors and make your mark.
  • You’ll learn the 5 Essentials of building a powerful visual brand to represent who you are without saying a word!
  • ​Use my checklists to create a consistent online image and brand presence.
If you don’t have a consistent, unique (and memorable) brand identity, image and online presence, you may as well be invisible!
How you show up matters. This next powerful step will ensure you make your unique mark in the world and develop a world-class signature personal brand.
  • Create a great visual style guide for your brand so that everything you produce for your brand ‘looks’ like and ‘feels’ like your brand.
  • Finally build an image and wardrobe to reflect your leadership style so you are always on brand and make an impact. 
  • Create a great visual style guide for your brand so that everything you produce for your brand ‘looks’ like and ‘feels’ like your brand.
  • Finally build an image and wardrobe to reflect your leadership style so you are always on brand and make an impact. 
  • I’ll help you choose and set up the right online platforms to launch your personal brand successfully.
  • ​Create a content and networking plan to connect with the right audience to elevate your professional image online and build a powerful digital footprint!
By now, you’ll be feeling empowered and energised with your new brand and image! So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on launching brand ‘YOU’ to the world!
We’ll bring everything you have learned together to launch your brand, develop your networks, share, engage and leverage from your connections so you can stand out and Be Noticed!

You’ll confidently launch your brand to the world to own your space and stand out as a leader of choice in your industry. (And you can charge a premium for your products or services).

  • Develop your thought leadership by learning the best ways to write and publish your content to grow your authority.
  • ​Learn how to leverage your brand to start attracting lucrative speaking gigs, PR and media opportunities. 

Here are some other
BONUSES  inside


As a corporate stylist and over 30 years in the fashion industry, my expert image and leadership style masterclasses will help you Be Seen as the leader you want to be!

In this bonus training series we’re going to give you a complete image transformation so you will feel effortlessly confident to craft your image and brand presence both online and off!
  • Learn my 5 style makeover essentials to develop your leadership style to boost your leadership presence and confidence immediately! (And feel unstoppable too!)
  • ​I’ll show you how to craft a signature look to be instantly recognised and grow your brand awareness.
  • ​Plus, learn everything you need to know when working with photographers and other creatives to build your image and brand.


Learn the secrets to the perfect profile images and headshot photo that shows competence, confidence, authenticity and believability.  
  • Learn photography tips to build your own gallery of professional images that reflect your personal brand and give you high end results.  


Media And Content Marketing 
For most professionals publishing content or getting seen in the media is an elusive goal!

Do you want to be a more influential leader or thought leader in your industry but have no idea how to get high-profile publicity or guest blogging features?

This bonus masterclass teaches you how to publish online confidently, get in the media, and promote and repurpose your content to grow your brand and business awareness.

  • Develop your thought leadership, plan your article/s (using my step-by-step blog templates) to help you write influential blogs
  • Get media opportunities (using my Guest Blogging Directory) so your credibility, visibility and authority will skyrocket.
  • ​Create a simple content marketing strategy to fast track your success. (using my done-for-you templates!)


This masterclass serves as a circuit breaker so you can courageously step out of the shadow to launch your new brand to the world. No apologies and no holding back!


Learn how to amplify your brand, and you’re positioning as an industry expert and influencer through creating quality original content to publish, promote and repurpose in your blog, videos, and social media platforms.

Brand Success Formula Self Coaching Journal

This Brand Success Journal is an integral part of your Brand Success Formula Journey. Each Chapter complements the brand and leadership work covered in each Module of the course. Every page is infused with exercises, thoughts, and ideas to help stimulate your creativity and new ways of thinking so you can build a more powerful and authentic personal brand.


All great brands have a style guide, and you are no different! After coaching hundreds of professional women, I have created a unique and easy to use Personal Brand Identity Document Canva Template tailored for you to use as a reference tool for your brand. It helps you maintain consistency and connection with your personal brand and provides your essential brand guidelines. 

I’ve added some 
New CORE Bonuses recently!…

ALL My Blueprints, Templates and Swipe Files!

As a special bonus, you’ll get my done-for-you Blueprints and proven templates to make life and building your brand easy for you! ($1,997)
  • My Top Blog Blueprints to make writing articles online a no brainer!
  • ​My template for writing the Perfect Guest Blogging Pitch, Author Bio
  • ​PLUS My Top Guest Blogging Sites for your industry.
  • ​LinkedIn Summary Template to write the perfect summary for your profile 
  • ​​Leadership Power Words to help you craft a powerful leadership language
  • ​Swipe file of Personal Brand Website Templates 

 WITH SUZIE. ($3,997) 

Get extra guidance and more advanced training with Suzie to help you in each phase of the brand success formula journey.

We are going to cover all the core content and the topics you need to know.
"Within 6-months, I won a new role (during COVID!), and now I’m writing a book about my journey and experience!"

Bernadette McBarron
PRA Health Sciences
"My visibility, impact and authority skyrocketed so I could grow my business and claim my space as a more influential female leader in a male-dominated industry."
Suellen Greaves 
"I launched my new personal brand and business using Suzie's process and SOLD OUT my first leadership summit for Women in Tech in Sydney!" 
Nichol Stark
Founder Femetech Reveolution

Complete The Personal Brand Accelerator Course ® 

And You’ll Also Receive Your Official 
Course Completion Certificate.



How long does it take to complete the full personal branding online course?

This personal brand online course offers self-paced learning with everything you need right at your fingertips to take action!

Suzie will launch the online branding course with a live introductory coaching session to get you started with the first module. Then, you can work through Suzie’s step-by-step proven process for building a profitable personal brand.

You can set your own pace with video lessons averaging 12 minutes each. Plus, you can learn anytime, anywhere with a mobile, tablet, and audio pods.
There are 4 modules, so as a rule of thumb, you can complete a module a month if you want to fast track your learning.

Then, in just 2 uninterrupted self-study hours a week you can complete all the online course content and masterclasses to lay the foundations of a powerful and authentic personal brand that will get you noticed.

You will find that some of the content will be more challenging than others. This program is designed to help you unlock your full value and potential as a leader and as such, some of the foundational work is the most powerful and should not be rushed.

Is there any online coaching support and guidance from Suzie?

Yes, absolutely! This is one of the most VALUABLE assets of this course!

This online personal brand and leadership course gives you weekly live online group coaching or peer mastermind sessions with Suzie to guide you through the course content step by step. In these live online coaching sessions, you will get the extra support and guidance you need to build your personal brand online. You will have a chance to submit your questions for Suzie to answer in the live sessions whenever you get stuck or need expert advice and guidance.

What happens if I cannot attend one of the live online classes?

If you miss a session, no worries, you can watch the playback at any time inside the online course portal.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the online programme? 

Yes you will receive an official certificate of completion if you complete all of the modules, masterclasses and practical assignments.

What platforms and apps will I use during my online lesson? 

We use Zoom for our live online coaching sessions. There is a full calendar of ALL your live coaching calls and peer group sessions with Suzie. You can subscribe to the entire calendar so they are automatically added to your calendar, and you don't miss any of your live lessons.

Why is this online personal branding course different to other online courses?

This online female leadership course is for professional women, female entrepreneurs or business owners who already have a level of success but are ready to make their mark! It is more than an online personal brand training program; it’s an empowerment program and a female leadership course for high-performance women ready to take their careers or business to the next level.

It’s the first women’s leadership program of its kind that is:

Crafted exclusively with female leaders in mind.
Have the peace of mind that your personal brand and image development is in the hands of a seasoned personal branding professional trainer, coach, and mentor who has worked exclusively with thousands of women in leadership to help them successfully build world-class signature brands they can profit from.

Teaches you to see your brand and image is your business!
You will not just learn my process for building your personal brand; you will learn how to continue to maximise and leverage your unique brand value as a tool to maintain and sustain the growth of your brand, business and career so you can profit from it!

What payment options are available?

You can choose to pay in full and get a 60 minute BONUS 1-1 coaching session with Suzie (valued at $597) OR, choose the payment plan of 6 x monthly installments of $387.
“I stand behind this online personal branding coaching and mentoring program and believe that if you go ‘all in’ and commit to applying the learnings gained from this online course, you will achieve results!

Therefore, I offer a 100% Woman of Confidence guarantee – if after completing all the step-by-step masterclasses and applying the program’s action steps during the first 7 days of the online personal branding course, you are not entirely satisfied, I’ll completely refund your investment.”



These Top Female Leaders


I walked through Suzie’s personal branding process step-by-step. It led to me being headhunted for a high-level leadership role with a pay rise of $100,000 a year and gave me more confidence!  I highly recommend her process!


Suzie's unique personal branding process helped me raise the roof of my career! After completing her program, I won a place on The Global CIO 100 list, launched my personally branded website, started a podcast and gained a position on the Forbes Technology Council.   And I have never looked back!


After years of feeling disconnected from my personal brand and public image, Suzie's process helped turn me tap into my wisdom and higher purpose to turn my brand and business around. I now attract more clients and business than ever before and have stepping fully into my intuitive power as a leader. When I say that Suzie knows her craft, I truly mean it!


As a lawyer and small business owner, Suzie's branding process allowed me to re-launch my brand and business to make my mark louder and bolder. The process allowed me to claim my space as an industry leader in my niche market and create the practice of my dreams. I really loved the process, and you will too! 



Reaching your
career and leadership goals easy!
Achieve your goals with 26 masterclasses, a library of the best online personal branding tools, resources, templates and training materials to maximize your learning. Stream on all your devices.



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