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The Personal Brand Accelerator Course ® is the leading step-by-step methodology for women leaders, female executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to build a powerful and profitable personal brand and image so they can step into their confidence, get paid their worth and claim their space as industry leaders! (without feeling overwhelmed or being pushy).

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The Personal Brand Accelerator Course for Women Leaders!
As a female leader, Danielle realised she was being underpaid and undervalued in her industry and needed to take control of her brand and career quickly!
“After completing Suzie’s online personal brand and leadership program, I was headhunted for a new leadership role with a $100,000 pay rise! I now have the confidence and strategies I need to continue to raise the roof on my career.”  
Bernadette McBarron
As a professional woman in her 50’s, people told Bernadette that it was too late for her, and I would never get another leadership role! After completing the program she has proven them wrong!
“ Within 6-months of working through Suzie’s personal branding program, I won a lucrative new leadership role (during COVID!), and now I’m writing a book about my journey and experience! At a time when I was at an all time low, Suzie’s online Personal Branding Program challenged me to think differently, unlock my full worth, see greater opportunities ahead, and not settle at any age!”
Annette Stanton
"As an international speaker, coach and mentor, Annette had spent thousands of dollars with Marketing Agencies to build her personal brand and image. But she felt totally disconnected from her brand. 
I felt like they were trying to make me into something I wasn't. Suzie changed all that! Her process is incredibly powerful and unique.  I was able to dig deeper into who I am and what I stand to reinvent my brand and image in a much more real, honest, authentic and meaningful way.   Now I attract more business and charge a premium for my services"


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